What is My Little Panda Kitchen?

My Little Panda Kitchen produces bespoke custom cakes that you wouldn't believe are vegan. 

Who's this little panda person?

MLPK is the crumb-covered baby of me, Annabelle Widyastuti. MLPK was started with a desire to share how amazing food can be without the addition of animals products, and to share my Indonesian heritage and culture through food. It has since morphed into a canvas for creative cake expression and tasty animal rights activism.

Do you have a shopfront?

I am based in my home cake studio in Dulwich Hill, in Sydney’s Inner West. I am not open for retail/drop ins, and all my cakes are made custom to order. Pick ups are by appointment only.  

How do your cakes work and how do I order them?

Head over to the Cake Orders page! 

Is all your food vegan? Why?

Yes, all food prepared by My Little Panda Kitchen is completely plant-based and ethically vegan. The reasons for veganism are endless – it’s better for your health, it’s better for the environment, and the unnecessary torture and slaughter of animals is totally not cool. For more information on why cruelty-free living is super awesome, check out earthlings.com.au

What happened to your lunchboxes?

My little business has grown astronomically in the last four years! Since then, the demand for cakes has skyrocketed, and so I've had to make the tough call to end lunchboxes for the time being. I’m still making many, many cakes, and looking for new ways to expand, plus you can catch us at occasional markets!

What if I can’t afford a cake but I really, really want one?

Here’s the thing. Veganism and healthy, sustainable, cruelty-free living should not just be available to those who can afford it. If you are super keen for a cake, send us an email and #nameyourtrade! The possibilities are endless. Be creative, be honest, and let’s see what we can do for each other!