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How do I place an order?

Are you after a cake from The Menu? Head over to this page.

Are you after a fully customised cake experience? Fill out the Custom Enquiry Form. Don't worry if you're not totally sure what you're after — I'm here to help!

The deadline for orders is Sunday 12pm if ordering for that coming week (excluding Wednesday - orders for Wednesdays must be in by Friday 12pm). Any orders placed after that cut off cannot be guaranteed. Please contact me directly if seeking a priority order.

Do you offer delivery?

No, I am rarely able to offer delivery. All cakes are pick up only from 209 Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield. There is street parking available nearby, and buses including the 440 route run directly past the front door. If my delivery friend is available, we may be able to discuss options at an additional fee. You may also organise a courier at your own cost.

How do I transport & care for my cake?

All cakes are packaged in a cake box with cake board. During transportation, please bring a friend who can keep the cake on their knees, otherwise place on floor of the car, and make sure the air conditioning is on. The floor is the flattest and most stable part of the car. Try to avoid putting it on the seat, as it can cause the cake to slope during transportation. You may also want to bring cushioning to place under the cake especially with larger ones - such as towels or a yoga mat. Keep your cake cool and refrigerated where possible, and bring back to room temp an hour before eating.

We take great care to prepare our cakes for travel, but the buyer takes full responsibility for the safety of the cake from the moment it leaves our kitchen, as per our Terms & Conditions.

All of our cakes are best eaten 24 - 48 hours after pick up. We recommend you wrap the entire cake box in 2 layers of cling film before storing in the fridge. This keeps the cake free of fridge odours and helps any edible flowers to remain fresh. Cakes styled with flowers or berries are best eaten within 48 hours of pick up, as fresh flowers tend to wilt after this time frame. Bring the cake to room temperature before serving. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heaters or flames.

I have allergies! What are your options for gluten, egg, nut, soy and dairy free?

MLPK is a completely vegan business - that means free from egg, dairy, butter, honey, and all other animal products.

We can cater for gluten-free or nut-free with some cake flavours, but please bear in mind that they are prepared in a non-vegan kitchen that handles gluten and nuts, therefore cannot guarantee to be completely allergen free. Contact us for any specific enquiries.

How much notice do you need for an order?

We take orders on a first come, first serve basis and have limited availability. All of our cakes are made to order. A minimum of 3 days, and for more complex orders, at least 7 days. Anything less incurs a 20% priority surcharge. My schedule does book out as I am just one little baker, so the more time, the better.

The deadline for orders is Sunday 12pm if ordering for that coming week (excluding Wednesday - orders for Wednesdays must be in by Friday 12pm). Any orders placed after that cut off cannot be guaranteed.

Can I change my order after placing it?

Yes, we can change any order with 4 days notice. Simply email or call me and what you would like to change. I will confirm all updated orders via email.

Can I cancel my order?

Please provide as much notice as possible. We require full payment prior to baking. For smaller orders, cancellation with more than 48 hours notice is fully refundable. Less than 48 hours is not refundable as your cake will already be in the process of being made. For larger orders and wedding cakes, please refer to the TERMS & CONDITIONS.

What makes your cakes so expensive?

MLPK uses premium, cruelty free ingredients, and I have spent countless hours perfecting our recipes and finding the best possible decorations for you. Every cake is hand made from scratch—from the cake, to the buttercream to the meringue kisses—with much care, love and attention to detail, and we know that you can taste and appreciate that in every bite. Additionally, this is my full time work, rather than a home-based hobby baker, and this means I also pay for premiums like insurance, kitchen rent, etc.

Can you write on my cake?

I can, but I prefer not to as my handwriting is messy and it doesn't usually work with the style of my cakes! If you would like your cake personalised, I highly recommend purchasing a customised cake topper through a business such as

Do you make fondant cakes? Can you copy a cake I've seen?

No. I have a strict no fondant policy that I take pride in, so you won't find any fondant in our kitchen, and I only create my own developed MLPK cake designs. I wouldn't want someone copying my work, so I would rather not copy someone else's, either. You can provide a reference image, and I am happy to put my own spin on it!

I love a cake you just posted on Instagram! Can I order the same?

Absolutely! Just send through a link to the picture - I make so many so I forget what they look like! Please note that all our cakes look unique, with no cake being exactly the same.

I have some wild flavours and themes in mind - can you help?

Of course! I LOVE to experiment, and I'd be more than happy to help you out—just drop us a line with your thoughts and we'll see if we can work to your requirements! Check out our Custom Enquiries Form.