Flavours & Pricing

Every cake made by My Little Panda Kitchen is baked by hand, to order.

We create some damn fine no one-will-guess-it’s-vegan cake, that tastes amazingly indulgent, and is designed to be an unforgettable centrepiece for your occasion, big and small.

We love trying new things. Pick a flavour combo from the menu, or mix & match. If you have something different in mind, we'd love to give it a go! We use premium ingredients that are guaranteed egg-free, dairy-free, and can be mindful of allergens. We make all of our own fillings and buttercream.

Please note that pricing is a guide. As all cakes are custom-made to your specific event, various design and labour factors may influence the final quote. 


standard height cakes

Standard height cakes are three layers of cake, with two layers of buttercream and filling, covered with buttercream frosting and decorated.

Prices are a rough guide and final quote is subject to change based on complexity of design.

Mini - 10cm wide, serves 2-4 - $45 (limited flavours available)

Small - 15cm wide, serves 10-12 birthday portions - $100

Medium - 18cm wide, serves 16-20 birthday portions, - $140

Large - 22cm wide, serves 30+ birthday portions - $200

tall style cakes

Our tall style cakes are six layers of cake, separated halfway down with a cake board for additional stability and ease of serving.

Prices are a rough guide. Final quote is subject to change based on complexity of design.

Small & tall - 15cm wide, serves 15-20 - $190

Medium & tall - 18cm wide, serves 30-35 - $270

Large & tall - 22cm wide, serves 50 - $380

Tiered cakes

Our tiered cakes can come in a variety of widths and heights per tier, depending on dimensions and design you might have in mind. The following are for three layers of cake per tier, with all tiers in the same flavour. Additional flavours incurs an extra charge. Prices are a rough guide, prior to inclusion of GST.

Small tiered - 10cm & 15cm, to serve 25 coffee portions - $180

Medium tiered - 12cm & 18cm, to serve 34 coffee portions - $250

Large tiered - 15cm & 22cm, to serve 50 coffee portions - $350

Cookies, cupcakes & sweet bites

Choc chip cookies $36 per dozen

Cupcakes - inclusive of filling, buttercream piping, and decoration - $60 per dozen of one flavour

Tarts - lemon meringue, cherry meringue, key lime, or custom flavours - $72 per dozen of one flavour

Gluten free - flavours marked with an * can be made GF and incur a 10% surcharge for additional cost of ingredients.



  • Strawberry shortcake - soft vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, strawberry jam filling

  • Lemon supreme - light lemon cake, lemon curd filling

  • White chocolate raspberry- white chocolate cake, raspberry coulis filling

  • Choc raspberry - chocolate cake, raspberry coulis filling*

  • Black forest - kirsch soaked chocolate cake, cherry jam filling (contains alcohol)*

  • Choc hazelnut - chocolate mud cake, Nutella style chocolate hazelnut spread filling*

  • Vanilla chai - cardamom and cinnamon chai spiced vanilla cake, strawberry jam filling



  • Peanut butter choc - chocolate mud cake, peanut butter, candied peanuts*

  • Choc rosemary - rosemary syrup soaked chocolate cake, raspberry coulis filling*

  • Citrus olive oil - lemon olive oil cake, lemon curd filling, vanilla buttercream

  • Coconut raspberry - coconut cake, raspberry coulis filling, coconut buttercream

  • Coconut sour cherry - coconut cake, sour cherry filling

  • White choc raspberry - white chocolate cake, white chocolate buttercream filling, raspberry coulis swirl



  • Klepon - pandan coconut cake, Javanese palm sugar & shredded coconut filling, coconut butttercream

  • Pandan raspberry - pandan coconut cake, raspberry coulis filling

  • Earl grey - bergamot earl grey tea infused vanilla cake, blueberry jam & lemon curd filling, vanilla buttercream

  • Jasmine flower - jasmine tea syrup soaked vanilla cake, passionfruit curd filling

  • Persian love cake - spiced caramel cake, crushed pistachios, rosewater buttercream*


After something not mentioned above? Just ask - I am happy to mix and match, or try my hand at something new you may have in mind!