Work with My Little Panda Kitchen


OMG - My Little Panda Kitchen

is hiring!

Let’s be real for a minute. I’ve been hustling along since December as a solo enterprise. Part situational, part me seeing if I can handle it all on my own. And hey, I’ve survived! But I’m all about growth and sustainability and while yes, I can bake a whole lot of cakes and decorate them on my own, that’s not where I want to be focusing all of my energy, especially alongside the other goals I have for myself and a pretty full time focus on a lot of psychological and physical healing work on myself.

Meaning, this little Panda needs a second-in-command!  

This is totally not the role for everyone - if you want to come in, bake some shit and go, this might not be your jam. If you are passionate about sweet treats, want to make the world a better place, communicate with directness and kindness, then we just might go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The ideal angel is focused, reliable, and always working to be better than the day before. QTPOC to the front of the applications list, please!

I am based in a shared kitchen in Lilyfield, very accessible by bus (440, 445) or light rail.

Responsibilities will include:

Wednesdays, baking vegan cakes!

  • You’ll be working independently on the baking most weeks. Ability to be self-motivated and able to work individually is integral.

  • Attention to detail required (baking is a precision craft!)

  • Cleanliness is super important - we work from a shared kitchen and must leave it more spotless than we found it, each and every day.

  • Training will be provided, vegan baking experience preferred

Thursdays, cake decorating!

  • This includes levelling, filling, stacking, crumb coating. Training provided but experience preferred.

  • Attention to detail again integral to this role - making sure the right size, flavour, filling, etc is all combined for the correct order!

  • We will be re-introducing the Online Menu of cakes, meaning you will need to be able to recreate these designs, but also keep them fresh and individual each time.

Workshop assistance

  • I currently hold two rotating workshops on a Sunday morning, once per month. The ideal candidate will be available to assist at these workshops - set up, answering participant questions, clean as we go, and pack down.

Business growth and development

  • I’m continuing to expand and dream big about what and where MLPK will be - I don’t know where that destination is yet, but I’m keen for someone who wants to join me in this journey. Do you have a keen Instagram eye? Love to connect with other makers and help forge collabs? Ideally, having someone helping out will free me up to get all these things happening, and I would love someone who shares this vision. I wanna value your input as well as your output! This part we will be feeling out together.

How to apply

It wouldn’t be an MLPK experience without a bake off now, would it?

Written component

  • A short, one page max cover letter on why you are an MLPK aligned bake boss!

  • Your CV and experience

  • Email these to, PDF form please

Bake off component

  • Bake a small layered cake. This can be any flavour that you are obsessed with! Please make it vegan.

  • Decorate that bad babe! You have free creative reign. However, I’m looking for skill, technique, original ideas, or even your interpretation of a cake style (mine, or someone else’s) that you are vibing hard.

  • Let’s keep it fair - your budget is $50. Seems reasonable!

  • You may either:

    • Send in a video of your cake making experience. Keep it snappy but I’m all about your process, not just end product. Email a link to your video to

    • Deliver your cake to my kitchen and we can sit, eat and chat together about what makes you the perfect fit for me!

Applications close Sunday 5 May, 5pm. Interviews will happen the following week.

Any questions? Hit me up! Happy baking my loves, I can’t wait to see what you get up to.