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Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide - Sydney's Best Wedding Cakes

"My Little Panda Kitchen's wedding cakes have a rustic, 'anti-fondant' style; they also happen to be vegan."








VICE - Watch: Meet My Little Panda Kitchen

"Meet Morgan Hipworth—the 15-year-old with his own artisanal doughnut shop, Bistro Morgan—and Annabelle McMillan—the vegan baker behind My Little Panda Kitchen. Morgan pays invoices and does the ordering between studying for exams, and Annabelle mentors young entrepreneurs when she's not running her vegan bakery. Both are Upsiders, making a side gig out of their passion. Find out what powers them in Episode One of Side Gigs—The Foodies."


Concrete Playground - My Little Panda Kitchen's Indonesian lunchboxes are here to make Wednesdays better

"Enter My Little Panda Kitchen. For this new kid in town, ethically sourced produce and cultural awareness are the agendas of the day. Indonesian-inspired food is prepared on a flavour-first basis (and just happens to be cruelty-free), meals are packaged up into lunchboxes with names that riff on indie music and classic works of theatre, and it's all pedalled through the streets of the inner west and personally delivered to your home or work by the cook, on a bike."



VICE - Annabelle McMillan has the dream job (constantly surrounded by cake)

"About two years ago, she started home-making lunchboxes—filled with things like tempeh Reuben sandwiches, and roast pumpkin and black rice salad—and delivering them by bike all over Sydney.

These days, her focus is on tiered vegan cakes dripping in bright buttercream. They look like artworks, and they taste like coconut and sour cherry, chocolate and hazelnut, and olive oil and lemon curd."

Foundation for Young Australians - Young, Sweet & Successful

"Annabelle makes an effort to formally bring young entrepreneurs together to share processes, develop skills and connect with others who have decided to be their own boss. “The nine-to-five was never going to work for me, and I’ve always known that. In lots of ways, who I am has become my job.”



Broadsheet - A New Collaborative Vegan Cafe & Grocer

"Maker is like an art school for the vegan community. A place where anyone can come, make what they love and feel completely supported doing so.

They serve and sell their wares in the front area of the collaborative workspace, a tiny cafe/grocer with crates and palates as seating; all of which has been made in the open kitchen behind it."



Broadsheet - Vegan Lunchboxes Pedalled to You

"My Little Panda Kitchen makes plant-based, Indonesian-inspired vegan lunch boxes and transports them by bicycle around Sydney. When Annabelle McMillan founded MLPK, she had her priorities straight. Flavour first, veganism second. “I was never a person to make food that hit you over the head with veganism,” she says."





The Urban List Directory - My Little Panda Kitchen

"Who doesn’t love a lunch box? If you’re like us and often fail in the lunchtime organisation stakes My Little Panda Kitchen has you covered. On Wednesdays and Fridays you can have your lunch delivered by bike."